October 9, 2023

TrueNorth Community Services, Muskegon County HARA

TrueNorth has scheduled intakes to assist those who qualify for the Homeless Prevention Funds; all of these participants have a court-ordered eviction. Currently, our prevention funds are completely allocated based on all of the appointments we have scheduled, and we are not able to take on any more participants at this time for back rent assistance. We are doing our best with major emergencies. We will keep the CoC updated on our funding and keep a running log of individuals to call back if we get more funding. We do not want to over-commit, and we want to keep an open and honest conversation with the community on funds. 

Please note that this only refers to prevention funds, NOT rapid rehousing rental assistance.

For questions, please contact Lisa Reinecke at LReineck@truenorthservices.org.