Edgewood Elementary Academy

Welcome To Edgewood Elementary Academy

We educate students from transitional kindergarten through first grade, offering a full day kindergarten to provide the best educational experience. Our children master the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic while experiencing art, music, physical education, and even recess. Kids learn best when they are allowed to be kids. 

      Happy Holidays to our Edgewood families!!

            Please see important dates Below:               


There will be  NO School on the following date in Observance of Christmas Day!!

                           December 21st 2020             December 28th 2020

                            December 22nd 2020           December 29th 2020

                            December 23rd 2020            December 30th 2020

                            December 24th 2020            December 31th 2020

                            December 25th 2020           January 1st 2021

                                              Happy New Year to all!!!!



             Dr. Martin Luther King Academy


Empowering Ferocious Scholars.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, equitable system where all stakeholders work collaboratively to hold the success of each and every learner as the highest priority.  We are committed to a climate that embraces student values, beliefs, backgrounds, and identity in a safe, welcoming and joyful environment. Through relentless urgency, we empower students with the academic and non-academic supports they deserve to reach their potential.   Our scholars define their own success realizing they are the key to a future of meaningful options.

Believe Statement

Edgewood Elementary believes that through the combined efforts of parents, teachers, staff, and community, all students will become lifelong learners.