Lakeshore Technology Consortium

The Muskegon Heights Public School Academy has joined the Lakeshore Technology Consortium (LTC), August 13, 2016!  The LTC was created by the Muskegon Area ISD to provide technology leadership and support to local school districts (LEA).  The LTC is a new model for supporting districts as they integrate and advance their technology programs. The emphasis of the LTC team is the “operations and infrastructure” aspects of technology support. The LTC team is committed to planning, acquiring, deploying, and supporting the appropriate technologies for school districts in a unified, efficient, timely, and cost effective manner.  The LTC team works closely with the District leadership team and staff, including contractors and vendors to develop best practices and standards of operation. For more information on the LTC, please view this detailed overview of the LTC. 

Technology Mission Statement

Our goal within our district is to ensure learning experiences enhanced with technology. We believe that to reach their greatest potential, students will need to be prepared for a technology-centric world. We are dedicated to delivering technology integration that supports and enhances curriculum at all grade levels, preparing students for the current world and the future.

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