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Welcome To Muskegon Heights Academy

Muskegon Heights Academy will offer a program for grades seven through twelve (7-12). We will provide students with a comprehensive high school program and an excellent education so that all students are able to graduate college and career ready and on time.

Our goals are to improve graduation rate, decrease dropout rate, and increase number of students going to as well as sustaining enrollment in college.

Muskegon Heights Academy has a strong tradition in both athletics and the band program. These programs will continue to be an important part of our school and our community. High school students are able to participate in a number of different bands including an outstanding marching band program.  Students will participate in district and state solo ensembles.

Student Voice: 

At Muskegon Heights Academy we are educating and supporting the leaders of the future.  To help grow the skills necessary to lead, and to build our school to its potential, we want our students to express their opinions, thoughts and dreams.  Students, please use the links below to share your thoughts:

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Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, equitable system where all stakeholders work collaboratively to hold the success of each and every learner as the highest priority.  We are committed to a climate that embraces student values, beliefs, backgrounds, and identity in a safe, welcoming and joyful environment. Through relentless urgency, we empower students with the academic and non-academic supports they deserve to reach their potential.   Our scholars define their own success realizing they are the key to a future of meaningful options.


Empowering Ferocious Scholars.