Board of Directors

The Muskegon Heights Public Schools Academy System is the only K-12 Self Managed Charter School System responsible for a geographic area in the State of Michigan. This uniqueness sometimes creates confusion, the information and table below provides background information and clarifies the current governing structure.


In 2012, the Muskegon Heights Public Schools was facing a deficit of $12 million.  The district could not make payroll and was facing 50% decline in enrollment.  The MHPS District Board requested the State of Michigan provide support to ensure a local school remains in the community.  Under the old system the district could not borrow any more money and had excess classroom capacity.  Governor Rick Snyder complied with the district’s request and appointed an Emergency Manager.


Ten years later we are celebrating success. The Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System is demonstrating success with 14% enrollment increase, 14% fund equity, 95% teacher retention, and academic progress.

Meanwhile, released from state oversight in July, 2021, the Muskegon Heights Public School Board is responsible to pay $42 million in debt. As noted in Governor Whitmer's press release removing the State's oversight of the District, the contract between the Michigan Department of Treasury and the Muskegon Heights Public Schools remains in effect until the debt is paid in full, which is projected for  the year 2047.

This means, until the $42 million debt is paid, MHPSAS will remain the operating school system for the City of Muskegon Heights.  According to the contract, MHPS is not allowed to reopen the schools or have students or staff until this debt is fully paid. 

In a Town Hall Meeting held by the MHPS Board of Education on July 20, 2021 the MHPS Board Of Education stated their desire to work with the MHPSAS Board on behalf of the children of Muskegon Heights and to be transparent in all functioning.  The MHPSAS Board agrees and looks forward to working with the MHPS Board according to the contract and with transparency.


We celebrate stability and progress and during the 2021-2022 school year we will enjoy a jubilee of 100 years of local schools.  We are in the process of developing a new strategic plan and what the schools of Muskegon Heights will look like in the future.  We welcome the families, community, and the Muskegon Heights Public School Board to be a part of this process.

Muskegon Heights Schools Governing Structure

Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System (MHPSAS)


Muskegon Heights Public Schools (MHPS)

Students enrolled


  • 686 students
  • 14% increase during 20-21


  • 0
  • May not enroll students until legacy debt is fully paid

Number of Staff


  • MHPSAS Board Employees: 3
  • Midwest Management: 82


  • 1

Funding Sources


  • State Per Pupil Allowance
  • Federal Formula Grants
  • Competitive Grants


  • Local Taxes
  • 3% State Per Pupil from MHPSAS

Fund Balance


  • $1,128,502
  • 15%


  • $653,744
  • 46% 



  • $0


  • $42,482,346
  • as of 5/11/2021

Board Members


  • Please see the current Academy Board appointments in the Side Bar to the right.



  • Please see the mhpsnet website for current Public Board members.

Board Member Selection Process



  • Election 
  • Must be a registered voter in the City of Muskegon Heights



  • Provide a high quality education for all the children within the City of Muskegon Heights
  • Manage State, Federal and competitive grant funding


  • Collect Taxes
  • Pay Debt
  • Authorize the MHPSAS following the contract



Minutes Board of Directors Special Meeting
Minutes Board of Directors Special Meeting
Minutes Board of Directors Special Meeting
Minutes Board of Directors Special Meeting
Minutes Board of Directors Special Meeting
Minutes Board of Directors Special Meeting
Minutes Special Board Meeting