Dr. Martin Luther King Academy

Welcome To Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary Academy

Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary Academy will offer a program for grades two through six (2-6).

Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary Academy is proud to announce its points of pride. We encourage our students to get deeply involved in extra-curricular activities, as well as academics. We realize that out number one priority is academics, which utterly drives student achievement. Therefore, we will continue to raise the bar for ourselves and not wait for others to do it for us.

Students will also be able to participate in extra curricular activities, band, and athletics beginning in middle school. We offer a comprehensive sports and band program, beginning in grade six.

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Expecting excellence through positive social and academic leadership


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, equitable system where all stakeholders work collaboratively to hold the success of each and every learner as the highest priority.  We are committed to a climate that embraces student values, beliefs, backgrounds, and identity in a safe, welcoming and joyful environment. Through relentless urgency, we empower students with the academic and non-academic supports they deserve to reach their potential.   Our scholars define their own success realizing they are the key to a future of meaningful options.