Strategic Planning

Dear MHPSAS Community,


I'm excited to announce the launch of our strategic planning process for this academic year. This is a vital step for our community in shaping MHPSAS's future direction. Our campuses are starting strategic planning discussions, and the insights from these meetings will propel our planning efforts. After evaluating several firms, I'm thrilled to inform you that Provision will guide us through our strategic planning. With their extensive background in charter school consulting, Provision is well-equipped to understand and uphold MHPSAS's core values, including our commitment to an inclusive and collaborative process. I am confident in their expertise and grateful to the Board for their involvement in selecting Provision.


Enclosed is a one-page overview detailing the steps and timeline of our planning process. Provision's team will visit our campuses starting next week, with the initial meetings focused on outlining the planning process and collecting feedback. I encourage your participation in these meetings. Provision will also engage with the Strategic Planning Committee and as many other stakeholders as possible. Updates on our strategic planning progress and opportunities for involvement will be regularly posted on our strategic planning webpage.


We are collaborating with governance groups and administrative leaders to form a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), representing faculty, students, staff, and directors. The SPC will soon be finalized. Additionally, we'll integrate "working groups" focusing on various aspects like academic planning, campus life, and facilities into our existing teams as seamlessly as possible.


Our goal is to finalize the strategic plan and its implementation by the end of this academic year, setting us up to start our strategic initiatives in fall 2024. This ambitious timeline calls for everyone's cooperation and involvement. Strategic planning is more than just creating a list of desired projects; it's about making informed choices and prioritizing effectively. It requires us to listen and appreciate diverse perspectives, offering us the chance to craft a collective vision for MHPSAS's future. The success of this plan relies on the engagement of our entire community, and I urge each of you to participate actively in this transformative process.


Go Tigers,

Leslie Slater,

Board President

Please contact the Strategic Planning team by emailing

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Greetings MHPSAS Community,
I am writing to share a brief update on the strategic planning process that kicked off with an academy visit from our consultant, Provision, in February. Provision will return to MHPSAS the week of April 15th to hold additional meetings with academy stakeholders. Here is some vital information for you in advance of their visit.

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